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March 2021

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We have our winners!

Deanne Reid & Patti Miller!

Congratulations and thank you for your donations!

Thank you to all of those who donated to our Maternity raffle! We only had a few donate, but the donations were such a blessing! We are always needing new or gently used maternity clothing for our clients. 

Fundraiser paintings
fundraiser paintings

Thank You

to all of our Donors & Supporters!

Many thank you's to Messiah Lutheran for your generous donation of wipes, diapers, and money! What a huge blessing!

Thank you Bryan Cobb for your donation of custom clocks for our office! It has spruced up our office and was a huge blessing to us!

A very special thank you to Lolo Community Church for your generous donation of new baby clothing, diapers, wipes, a pack-and-play, and other various items!

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Why talk about Care Net to others?

Supporting a non-profit is more than just monetary and material (which of course we need and appreciate!). It is also talking about us to others and letting them know we are here!

This reminder was brought to the forefront of our minds by a woman we talked to. In relating her life and the struggles she has encountered, she mentioned that she had gotten pregnant at a young age and the only place in Missoula that she knew about was Planned Parenthood. She didn't even know we existed! She talked to her friends and they told her that she should probably get an abortion. As she felt she had no support and abortion was her only option she made an appointment at the abortion clinic. She now believes had she known about Care Net then, and the support we have to offer, she would have been far more likely to keep the baby.

Hearing this story and understanding how different her life could have been burned in our minds that we need to get our name out there! How many other women have never heard of us? How many other women obtain an abortion because they lack support? How many other women go through their pregnancy alone and struggle because they don't know where to turn? Care Net and our donors have the opportunity to tell others about our facility and all of the support we have to offer! We need to spread the news of Care Net and help men and women get the support they need!


Fund the Future

Care Net is going to buy University students a coffee (or other choice of preferred beverage) during finals week April 22-27. We are partnering with the renowned coffee shop Break Espresso, located in downtown Missoula. The purpose is to encourage University of Montana students during finals week and raise awareness about Care Net and the confidential services we provide. We offer free or low cost STD testing and free pregnancy tests as well as free limited ultrasounds. Care Net advocates for the unborn, and we encourage and support pregnant women throughout their pregnancy. Would you consider donating coffee money to Care Net? God to our website carenetmissoula.org/donate to donate.

Join the Care Net Board

Care Net is looking for some amazing people to join our Board. A major key to being an effective Organization is having a good Board. The Board should be an active, working Board, not a figurehead, "rubber-stamping" or advisory Board.

Even though the specific jobs to be done may change, the legal and moral responsibility which the Board has for the success or failure of the organization remains the same.

If you are interested in being a part of our Board,

you can contact Care Net:


1515 Fairview Ave.

Missoula, MT 59801


Life Steps for Men

Our Life Steps program is now for men as well! We are so excited to have the father of the baby learn about pregnancy and fatherhood in our mentoring classes. These men will be sent personalized video lessons tailored to fit their needs. They will meet virtually with a mentor who will offer non-judgmental support.


As we obtain more male clients who want to participate in Life Steps, we will need more male volunteers. We are looking for men who can offer support and advice in the ups and downs of fatherhood, being a husband, and raising a family. If you are this type of man and are able to dedicate one hour of your week to mentoring, please contact Care Net so that we can tell you more!

Choose Life!

Choose life license plate

Are you looking to update your license plate and promote life in Missoula? The "Choose Life" license plates are available across all Montana! Proceeds from the sale of this plate in and around Missoula County will benefit Care Net Pregnancy Center. To purchase this license plate, visit https://dojmt.gov/driving/plate-designs-and-fees/serviceorganizations-associations/ and scroll down until you get to Options Clinic, the administrator of the Choose Life license plates for Montana. Care Net will receive $25 for any license plates sold within Missoula County or surrounding areas.

Center Needs:

For updated needs, click the donate tab on this website.

Current Needs:

-New or gently used maternity clothes

-Shoes 2T through 5T Boy and Girl

-Socks 2T Through 5 T

-Pregnancy Books that are copyright 2010 to present

Ongoing Needs:

-New Bibs, Burp Rags, Receiving Blankets, and Onesies.

-Gift Cards (Gas, Oil Change, Thrift Stores, or Coffee.

-New or used Toddler socks, Pants and Leggings.

-New Baby Food & Formula.

-New or Used Diaper Bags, Breast Pumps and Baby Gates.

-New Newborn Baby Clothes.

-New or Used Maternity Clothes.

-Tubes of Baby Rash Cream.

Almond Blossom

Look Up To God

-Deborah Ann-

Early in the morning,

Before you arise...

Make sure your worries 

You keep God apprised.

Let Him know before

You get your day started,

Why it is that you 

Feel fearful and fainthearted.

Early in the morning,

As the sun comes up.

Before you pour coffee

Into your mug or cup.

Let God know how much

You need Him to be with you,

How impossible it'd be

Without Him to make it through.

Early in the morning 

Before out of bed you climb,

Look up to God and spend...

With Him some quality time!

Psalm 5:3

My voice shalt though hear in the 

morning, O Lord; in the

morning will I direct my prayer

unto thee, and I will look up.