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Care Net is Currently Hiring!

To apply, please email your resume
and letter of intent to:



  • Express full agreement with Life Net of Missoula’s Mission Statement, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of human life.

  • Have one year of experience as a volunteer in some ministry capacity.

  • Have two years of experience in a helping profession in a position requiring management experience or equivalent.

  • Have at least one year of administrative experience.

  • Exhibit skill in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and problem solving.

  • Be able to provide spiritual leadership, discipleship and support to clients.

  • Be able to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision.



  • The Office Administrator is responsible for tasks and duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Care Net of Missoula. This includes receptionist responsibilities as well as: lay counseling, other administrative duties, research, and help with various aspects of program management.

REPORTS TO:  Executive Director

SUPERVISES:  Administrative volunteers

TIME COMMITMENT:  25 hours per week




  • Carry out operational policies and procedures necessary for consistent operation with Executive Director's approval.

  • Handle routine business calls.

  • Oversee record-keeping and effective follow-up of clients by volunteers.

  • Manage eKYROS entries.

  • Interact with Executive Director to relate client or staff needs, progress of center, problems, and goal setting and implementation.

  • Purchase office supplies with the Executive Director's approval. Oversee the reception desk and answering of the phones.

  • Oversee operation of the after-hour phones.

  • Help with print jobs for mailers, Life Steps, brochures, layette cards and other events.

  • Assist in mail opening and deposits, as needed.


  • Train all volunteers in the proper workings and responsibilities of the Reception Area.

  • Assist in conducting “Volunteer Training Seminars”, as needed.

  • Assist in recruiting, selecting and interviewing possible volunteers for ministry, as needed.

Client Services:

  • Provide peer counseling for clients when volunteers are not available.

  • Complete training to administer pregnancy tests.

  • Help with other services when the client service director or volunteers are not available.

  • Oversee client flow to assure consistency in the reception area.

Public Relations:

  • Keeps and bi-annually reviews and updates referral agency resource guide.

  • From time to time, represent the clinic in the community, as delegated by the Executive Director.

Personal Development:

  • Attend conferences, classes and tutorials that offer training and information pertinent to Care Net of Missoula Pregnancy Support Center's mission.

  • Increases knowledge of management/administrative and client-related issues.


  • Assists in fund-raising events as needed.

Performance Reviews:


  • The Office Administrator shall receive an annual written and oral evaluation by the Executive Director. The new Office Administrator will receive a 90 day and 6 month evaluation performed by the Executive Director.