Who We Are.

Care Net of Missoula exists to provide free support and assistance to anyone experiencing an unexpected pregnancy or sexual health issue.

Our Story

Care Net of Missoula is a Christian, non-profit organization. We believe every person is worthy of receiving love, support, and holistic care that values the whole person (physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, and spiritual). We are committed to providing information, physical and emotional support, and assistance to anyone experiencing an unexpected pregnancy or sexual health issue. We offer these services free of charge to anyone, regardless of personal history or beliefs.

Since 1978, Care Net of Missoula has endeavored to become and remain one of western Montana's foremost authorities on abortion issues, adoption information, and agency referrals. We diligently make every effort to ensure that all our information is current and accurate. Providing our services free of charge is only possible because of the dedication of our network of volunteers and financial supporters. Thank you all.


Jennifier Bartlett 
Executive Director 

Jenn has been the Executive Director since June of 2013 and before that she was a volunteer for two years. She grew up in the Seattle area, where she did youth ministry for 10 years. She loves coffee and quilting and is currently a licensed foster parent.

Jennifer Hungerford 
Client Services Director 


Jennifer has been with Care Net since 2008. She loves coming up with ideas, and implementing new ways to reach our community. Providing encouragement, and offering hope and real solutions to our clients are what brings her the most joy and satisfaction.

Karri Kaufman
Nurse Manager


Karri Kaufman has worked for Care Net since 2008 and loves her job. She loves being able to spend time with her friends, husband and four kids.


Scott Wyman


Scott has been a board member and medical director of Care Net since 2015. He's has been a practicing OB/GYN in his hometown of Missoula for the past 4 years.

Robin Ammons 

Robin Ammons is an attorney in Missoula and serves as the president of our board. She and her husband Doug enjoy the outdoors of Montana and the wonderful people here everyday.

Sandy Shepherd 


Sandy Shepherd is a family physician who delivers and cares for babies at Community Medical Center. She has been supporting moms through Care Net for 13 years. She is also mom to three busy kids.

Janice Gomersall


Janice Gomersall, MD, FAAFP, is a board certified family practice physician who has been delivering babies and providing care to all ages in Montana for 20 years. As faculty at both University of Montana and University of Washington, she also teaches both medical students and family medicine residents.

David Kesler


David joined Care Net's board in 2019.  He is a UM graduate and works as a commercial loan officer at Missoula Federal Credit Union. He enjoys hiking and exploring the outdoors with his beautiful wife.

No matter what you are going through and how you are feeling about it, we are here for you and you do not have to go through it alone. We would love to be a friend to you during this time. All services are private and confidential, please let us know how we can help.

Can we help?


Monday - Thursday

10 am - 4pm


Care Net Pregnancy Center

1515 Fairview Ave. Ste. 250

Missoula, MT 59801



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