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Employment: Current Openings

Position Title: Office Administrator


  • Express full agreement with Life Net of Missoula’s Mission Statement, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws.

  • Exhibit strong commitment and dedication to the sanctity of human life.

  • Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, preferably in a helping field, or related experience equivalent.

  • Have one year of experience as a volunteer in some ministry capacity.

  • Have two years of experience in a helping profession in a position requiring management experience or equivalent.

  • Exhibit skill in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and problem solving.

  • Demonstrable knowledge of Microsoft Suite, proficiency with online client database software, Google suite, and social media.

  • Demonstrable skill using standard office equipment (i.e. multi-line phone, computer, fax machine, printer, etc.)

  • Be able to provide spiritual leadership, discipleship, and support to clients.

  • Be able to carry out responsibilities with little or no supervision.


The Office Administrator is responsible for tasks and duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Care Net of Missoula. This includes receptionist responsibilities as well as administrative duties, client advocacy, research, and help with various aspects of program management.

REPORTS TO: Executive Director

SUPERVISES: Administrative volunteers and other volunteers, as needed.

TIME COMMITMENT: 26 hours per week, plus occasional after-hours events.





  • Arrive early, unlock both doors, turn on lights, unlock filing cabinets, retrieve mobile file, log onto computer, check daily schedule.

  • Attend weekly staff meetings and interact with Executive Director to relate client or staff needs, progress of center, problems, goal setting, and implementation.

  • Carry out operational policies and procedures necessary for consistent operation with Executive Directors approval.

  • Make & manage appointments, manage eKYROS office hours, manage closures & holidays (including closure signage), Google calendar, maintain front desk calendar.

  • Answer main phone, take messages, screen calls, transfer calls, deal with caller’s particular needs/requests, check messages/respond, maintain phone record, follow up calls, and handle abortion calls.

  • Filing, labeling, arranging forms in the file, entering info into eKYROS, dating files, and sending daily reminders for upcoming appointments. Pulling statistical data, as required.

  • Receiving financial and material donations, issuing donation receipts, sorting items and getting them out of the hallway.

  • Update, copy/print & restock forms, pamphlets, US models, nurse masters, medical release, etc.

  • Keep website updated and maintained. Post PDF of each newsletter upon publication on the website (donate & contact pages).

  • Fax WIC & Medicaid referrals, receiving & replying to medical requests for records.

  • Keep track of Culligan water supply & delivery schedule, replace empty bottles.

  • Drawings: Signage, drawing slips, phone call, coordinating pickups.

  • Organize, count & wrap diapers, package wipes, sort food & formula, help with laundry, as needed.

  • Handle returned mail, update donor information, and receive packages.

  • Checking email & responding as necessary, updating contact info & email lists.

  • Assist nurse with STD paperwork, online reporting, printing labels, printing mailing label, packaging, ordering pickup, UPS pickup or drop-off.

  • Help with print jobs for mailers, Life Steps, brochures, layette cards, and other events.

  • Write newsletter, change design, download & print labels, run eKYROS reports & update numbers, print & cut donation forms, oversee & assist with assembly, fill out mailing form.

  • Closing: Log off computer, turn off lights, return mobile file, lock filing cabinets, lock doors, wash dishes.

  • Must be open to helping other team members implement their goals for center growth, even if it adds to your workload or requires you to learn a new skill.

  • Must be willing to fill in for team members, as your training allows, and problem-solve so that clients received excellent care, even when office is short-handed.



  • Train all volunteers in the proper workings and responsibilities of the Reception Area, HIPAA, and other volunteer functions, as needed.

  • Assist in conducting “Volunteer Training Seminars,” as needed.

  • Assist in recruiting, selecting and interviewing possible volunteers for ministry, as needed.

Client Services:


  • Conduct intakes for female clients when Client Services Director and volunteers are not available.

  • Conduct intakes for male client FOBs while female client is doing initial intake in PT counseling room.

  • Administer pregnancy tests, as required.

  • Help with other services when the client service director or volunteers are not available.

  • Periodically travel with Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) to conduct intakes, as needed.

  • Managing client traffic & service provision, coordinating with team members, locating team members, relaying messages/information, etc.


Public Relations:


  • Keeps and updates referral agency resource guide as needed.

  • From time to time, represent the clinic in the community, as delegated by the Executive Director.

Personal Development:


  • Attend conferences, classes and tutorials that offer training and information pertinent to Care Net of Missoula Pregnancy Support Center's mission.

  • Increase knowledge of management/administrative and client-related issues.

  • Complete training in HIPAA practices with Nurse Manager.

  • Complete training to administer pregnancy tests.




  • Assists in fund-raising events as needed.

  • Advertise them on local free event pages, help with staffing, booking, gathering supplies, etc.


To Apply: 

Send your resume and letter of interest to:

Jennifier Bartlett

1515 Fairview Ave. Ste 250
Missoula, MT 59801

Email: info@carenetmissoula.org